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TMH Matsumoto Prize/Modern House vote!!

If you’re like us, you like modern design & except for Dwell & certain other few foreign shelter magazines- there aren’t many places for good, inspiring products, information & photos.  Triangle Modernist Houses, a Durham based group, founded by George Smart- a great advocate for modernism in all forms is one of

Front/exterior from west

them.  (

This summer they are sponsoring a modern home competition for North Carolina residences called the Matsumoto Prize, named for a beloved NC State arch. professor & modernist.   B + O design studio has entered a recently completed project, the Althea Way House, in the program.

Great room/kitchen/dining

If you have some time, review the 19 entries which cover a wide gamut of modern architectural solutions all over the state.  Passive homes, vacation retreats, towers, courtyards, and cantilevers galore!!!  You can vote online from 7/8 to 7/22/12, and add your voice to that of a nationwide panel of six architects from LA to DC.  There is an event in early August at the new NC/CfAD building to celebrate the entries & the winners!

We’re very happy with our project; a couryard home for a young family of five.   The client’s expressed their desire for a clean, open, warm industrial space for living- like a loft in the suburbs!!  We designed a U-shaped plan w/ a great room topped by bedrooms flanked by 2 one-story ‘wings’; one a garage/carport w/ roof deck/garden & the other a master suite.  Sustainability & authenticity were key words; with the palette of materials, lighting, the shaping of air/water/light, and details throughout.  Kudos to our team, especially ILM design/build, Bill Christopher was awesome to see through the client’s vision for a wonderful family home.

Collage of details


Modern Native

Front/entry- 'before'

Progress is being made on this mid-century modern landscape renovation… from a jungle of invasive plants (wisteria, chinese tallow, and chinese privet, among others) back to a modernized version of the original.  Native deciduous azaleas, virginia sweetspire, red buckeye, horsetail, and lots of other interesting SE NC natives are being planted, as well as a few non-invasive drought tolerant ornamental species near the patios.  Artful drainage work (bioretention areas, pervious concrete, copper scuppers!) and a new fountain are also mostly complete – more pictures soon!

This is a Sustainable Design Collaborative rehab project – B+O provided landscape architecture/drainage design services as part of energy/water-use-efficiency upgrades to the house and site.  Other work includes photovoltaics, a geothermal energy system, and envelope/roof drainage/crawl space improvements.  Many thanks to our wonderful clients, and to Jay Dechesere, ILM Design-Build, and Mott Landscaping.