In the pines…

ImageCongratulations to our client for approvals on a project that has taken a (literally) circuitous route.  A former pine plantation relinquishes its symmetry for a campground that follows the contours of its underlying hydrology.  This project came to us as a PUD, complete with clubhouse, orthagonal ponds, and uniform lots.  B + O and Cavanaugh Solutions were given the freedom to allow the natural and cultural history of the site to inform a new low-impact development option that minimizes site disturbance and restores vestiges of a cross-site wetland.  The timing was not good for this sort of development, however, and the site was again re-imagined (to B+O delight) as an even-lower impact campground!

ImageTrails, trees, wildlife, naval stores history, and an enthusiastic client.  AND an enthusiastic engineer.   We feel so fortunate to participate in projects like this!!

Please also check out Spruill Farm, on the South shore of the Albemarle Sound.  This is a DONATION of an 110-acre working family farm (with habitat restoration and undisturbed swamp forest) for perpetual conservation, low-impact public access, environmental research and education programs.


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