Modern Native

Front/entry- 'before'

Progress is being made on this mid-century modern landscape renovation… from a jungle of invasive plants (wisteria, chinese tallow, and chinese privet, among others) back to a modernized version of the original.  Native deciduous azaleas, virginia sweetspire, red buckeye, horsetail, and lots of other interesting SE NC natives are being planted, as well as a few non-invasive drought tolerant ornamental species near the patios.  Artful drainage work (bioretention areas, pervious concrete, copper scuppers!) and a new fountain are also mostly complete – more pictures soon!

This is a Sustainable Design Collaborative rehab project – B+O provided landscape architecture/drainage design services as part of energy/water-use-efficiency upgrades to the house and site.  Other work includes photovoltaics, a geothermal energy system, and envelope/roof drainage/crawl space improvements.  Many thanks to our wonderful clients, and to Jay Dechesere, ILM Design-Build, and Mott Landscaping.





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