Monthly Archives: April 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Even though the economy is still kind of in the crapper, we have a lot to be thankful for this 40th Earth Day- 2010.  Here’s a list of things we’re excited about this day to be ‘green’. (although everyone should be more ‘green’ 365 days a year….)

Original Earth Week logo from 1970!!

1)  Local celebration @ MacRae Park- bigger & better than ever.  Lots of people, events, information & music.  Thanks to all those who had displays and/or gave time to organize.  It was a great event (weather didn’t hurt either).

2) Energy-star appliances!  Get some of that stimulus $$.  If you have an old refrigerator (biggest electricity hog of them all), or other appliance past it’s prime take advantage of the store savings & rebates in NC through Sunday. 

3) CFEDC & Green Jobs- this new local economic development group is working hard to promote the green/cleantech economy in the Cape Fear area.  Meeting tomorrow night 4/23 @ 5.30 pm- 27 Front St./2nd floor  (new BuenaSpace).  Come see what all the talk is about….

4) Midori-all zoning approvals!  New modern, urban, green townhomes soon to be popping up on 29th St. off Market Street….

5) Native Azaleas are in bloom and no, they are not those fuschia ones!! White & fragrant!

6) Thomas Friedman & Paul Krugman.  No thought-leaders in the mainstream are doing as much for ‘green business’ and the 21st cent. economy.  If you haven’t read either of Friedman’s  ‘Flat’ books, get them, or check out Krugman’s most recent NYTimes Sunday mag piece on Building the Green Economy.

7) Shoulder seasons.  Yes the pollen’s been off the chart for the last 2 weeks, but now’s the time to enjoy the relative lack of humidity & crisp nights of coastal NC.  Enjoy it now- bugs, storms & heat will be here soon enough.