An ‘ideal’ retrofit….

Well, one more week for comments on the DAQ Titan Draft Air Permit (or as we like to call it- Corporate Rubber-stamped Air Permit, or C.R.A.P.).  After 10/20- we’ve had a good month publicizing our ‘counterproposal’  for what a truly positive program and progressive, appropriate re-use of the proposed cement plant property could become.

We’ve been working with Cape Fear River Watch over the summer,  and presented this initial booklet/study to its members annual meeting @ CityStage.  The base assumption is that 160 jobs on an over 1800 acre parcel is a ridiculous economic model- and a different program would work on the economic, cultural & environmental front much better.

First 4 slides of booklet

The study looks at a few key variables including jobs & population with a graphic analysis of areas & land owners/employers in New Hanover County.  We also threw out 4 basic ‘program’ platforms to replace ‘cement manufacturing’ as the sole job generator.  They were conceived of as follows;  ‘Green Inclubator’, ‘Art Park’, ‘Eco-Resort’, and an ‘Energy Farm.  As a totality, this Cape Fear ‘Eco-energy-commerce-art-park’- would be a driver for all of northeastern New Hanover County to embrace.

We look forward to developing the proposal more and taking it to new levels and new groups, as the lack of environmental review on the CCC project now catches up with and slows/stops, what is a hugely flawed project.  This alternative ‘green’ vision for the Ideal site would be a fabulous ‘gateway off I-40 as well as a draw along Holly Shelter road as Castle Hayne links across I-40 to Hampstead/US17 & the Atlantic.   More later!!!



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