Bald Head Island Conservancy

new exhibitBHI Conservancy was searching for a way to generate excitement (and funds) for construction of the Barrier Island Study Center, and hired B + O to help with a ‘temporary’ exhibit that would describe the role and function of the new building and landscape.  In what had to be a new world record for an exhibit design/build process, the whole team (BHIC Conservancy staff, B + O, Jay DeChesere, AIA, and Truelove Fabrications) went from sketch to finished exhibit in a few short weeks.  We started from scratch, with a predetermined deadline, WITHOUT the desired exhibit outline, and somehow managed to ‘git-r-done.’  Well, it was really the awesome skills and accommodating personalities of Truelove Fabrications that got it done, and we thank them profusely!  Best of luck to BHIC for generating funds for the (already designed!) Barrier Island Study Center!  (Jay DeChesere is the architect, and  B + O: design studio is the landscape architect.)  For more about this, please see, or better yet, go visit!  The Conservancy is a stunning place, with an amazing staff!

One response to “Bald Head Island Conservancy

  1. John C. Aves

    Our family has a home on Baldhead Island and we are active in the conservancy. I would like to meet you sometime with a new line of outdoor furniture which is just being introduced in the Carolinas. I will send you or deliver a Terra Furniture catalogue if you will give me your address.

    Regards, John Aves

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