OSFA postcard!!

What’s OSFA?  Well, it’s on our new postcard, so we thought we’d illuminate the acronym & our intentions a little more…..

Office of Student Financial Aid?   Oklahoma State Firefighter’s Association?   Operation Save Furry Animals?   I know, it’s the name of some IKEA utensil?

No- it’s one size fits all (OSFA)!

One frustrating question we get as architects & landscape architects is what do you do;  residential or commercial?   Like it’s a flow path diagram & there’s only one route or assumed answer with the question.  What about both?  What about more?  Institutional, industrial; medical, homeopathic; comical, serious;  open, closed;  paper, plastic?  It’s a pretty ludicrous simplification of a practice that shouldn’t be perceived as so specialized, or reduced to one basic categorization.

With our new website, we thought let’s not structure the portfolio section by type;  lets use size!!  Therefore- small, medium, large, and OSFA.  Why not XL, you ask?  Well, being sustainably minded- we don’t actually espouse an extra large, or for that matter gargantuan, enormous, stupendous, or any other word used to describe the magnitude of a thing.  Simply put- the most sustainable thing you can do is to work, live, play using less stuff, but build & DESIGN better!!   That’s our default position- no XL!!

Size doesn’t have to be a BIG issue- pun intended, but it can be.  Our homes keep getting bigger (though that is starting to level off), and offices (read; cubicles for many) keep getting smaller.  But area or volume is just one element of design, both interior & exterior.   Quality & adaptability of whatever we create is a task we take seriously.  Ideally, whether it’s a structure, built ‘space’ or an exterior places (natural or otherwise) made amenable and meaningful for your purposes, experiences, or needs- we like to think that we can do more with less and actually have it better!

From a remodel, garden, upfit or simple path through a wooded property, we welcome the challenge of creating meaningful, functional, spaces/places for you that work best with your site or context.

What would the house, park, store, office, yard, display, garden or restaurant of your dreams look like?   (hint: probably not like everyone or anyone else’s!)   We all have specific needs, so let us meet yours!   At B + O design studio, OSFA is the grouping of projects in which we place work that cannot be easily categorized, or work that we have determined for some rationale does not belong in the other three.  Maybe it encapsulates all sizes, or maybe it’s anti-sized.  Because in the long run, it isn’t the category that matters anyway, it’s the work.

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