blog post 1.24.09

RFPs…in response to the numerous REQUESTS FOR PORTRAITS…[of our dependents], here they are.

we LOVE our kid + animals – they are inspiration, amusement, amazement.kiera_01

Kiera (Knightley)  is the newest addition to Amy’s family.  She shares the delicate features and huge eyes of her namesake, and we’ve heard that she’s terrified of  unstable wardrobe mirrors.  She experienced her first snow this week.

Calvin is still drumming and exploring all things rock-n-roll,   but he has also developed a passion for whole-album production, and  comic-book creation.   He also loves movies, football, and labyrinthine blanket-intensive house-forts.  We wish he would spend as much time considering his homework and chores.calvin-drums-co

Lula,  deputy dog to her late wonderful dad, Chief (aka shoeshine,)   is crazy for Calvin, tennis balls, squirrels, ‘piggies,’  Bruce (occasionally,)  swimming,  and ‘blue bunny.’  Her nicknames are Lu-ton (as in ‘futon,’) Lu-sagna, Lu-bear, Mini-van, and Lu-da-cris.

Bruce the Bat Cat does not realize he is a cat, and has managed to reorganize the family hierarchy such that his comfort is our highest priority.  His hourly demands include…water from the tap,  40 door openings per day, canned dog food from a spoon, bedtime stories with Calvin, and ‘making biscuits time.’ cuddlepup21

Sonny and Spike.  Our surprisingly vigorous/long-lived guppies keep Bruce entertained in their strange, globe-shaped bowl.  Sonny is the extrovert, and Spike is his shadow. (think Looney Tunes ‘Spike and Chester,’ w./ roles reversed. ) They have not produced any offspring…

Harold(ina?), the eastern box turtle,  lives in our yard, and makes occasional appearances after heavy rains in search of fruit and partially digested catfood. (Yes, that’s what is on his/her face.)


Carolina Wren babies…every year, a nest appears in the bucket where we store ‘Keiko,’ our 11’ foot inflatable watercraft.

BUGS!!!  In southeastern NC, you sure see a lot of them.

Scout, the plastic horse from the mall.  (Lara’s 40th birthday gift, along with a magnifying glass, Bean-o, a jar of gingko biloba, and a large-print book.)  Someday, Lara hopes to own, lease, befriend, ride, or just groom a real-live horse.  Calvin would also like to ride horses, but Scott prefers terrifying rides in helicopters and weekend soccer to a casual trail ride.  bruceharold-cat-fud-face

Pet rock.  (ok, not in the animal kingdom, and not even a stand-in for some other creature.) No pictures yet.

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