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We were recently in the Greater Wilmington Business journal as part of the Barrier Island Study Center team, which received a Stewardship Development award for 2008 in November.  It’s great to think that in our relatively short time here, we’ve had the great experience of working with/on 4 different projects for clients who’ve gotten recognition in this 3-county program over our firm’s existence.

It’s really rewarding for us & in retrospect- nice to see the small way we can make a difference in the Cape Fear area.   So thanks to all those clients & colleagues who make doing good design so much fun for us;

stewdev BHIC study center- 2008 winner- significant   achievement

Tonbo Meadow- 2007 winner- significant achievement

Preservation Park- 2006 winner- outstanding achievement

Village of Woodsong- 2005 winner-outstanding achievement

For more information on a great program- check out their website @

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