showing our age….

Hello- in kicking off planning for the new website, we wanted to have a looser forum for other thoughts, images, ideas, etc.  Thus- ‘B(+O)sides’.   We’re old enough to remember those little vinyl 45’s and how the ‘other’ sides were often as interesting or more compelling that the ‘A’ singles that created the ‘single’.  They were often songs of a different style, a live version, a remix, a cover,  or duet w/ another artist.  Those vinyl offerings evolved into CD5’s where the single would co-exist with 4 other tracks;  remixes, off-casts, seconds, etc.

Well- that’s the idea here.  Our new website is cleaner & more refined from our initial one, but we wanted a place for the ‘marginalia’ of our studio.  Links, design thoughts, pictures, travels, on the boards/process stuff, other musings, etc.  So every once in a while check it out and see what were thinking!

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